Frequently Asked Questions on Guest House

Q :How do I make a reservation?

Ans :You can book Online, through Email or call at our office for booking.

Q :What are the payment methods?

Ans :Cash, credit card, cheque.

Q :Is there any additional fees?

Ans :No.

Q :Do you have any parking facility?

Ans :No.

Q :If I need to cancel my reservation, what will be the process?

Ans :Money will be refunded, but we need to get the information 1 day before.

Q :Can I make changes to my reservation?

Ans :Yes.

Q :What time may I check-in?

Ans :12:00 PM

Q :Do you have any housekeeping facility?

Ans :Yes.

Q :What time may I check-out?

Ans :12:00 PM

Q :How can I know my booking is secured?

Ans :You will get the all details through mail.

Q :How far from the airport to Aster Guest House?

Ans :18 km

Q :When can I cancel my reservation and not get charged for it?

Ans :No charges are deducted for cancellation.

Q :Will you organize the trips to visit the nearest areas?

Ans :No.

Q :What are the extra facilities included?

Ans :Free Wifi, complimentary breakfast, in-house food.

Q :Cancellation Policy

Ans :Information should be provided 1 day prior to cancellation.

Q :Deposit Policy

Ans :No. Normal

Q :Do you have any Internet Facility?

Ans :Free Wifi

Q :Do you allow pets in your guest house?

Ans :No

Q :what will be the Food Facility ?

Ans :Yes. Both Veg and Non veg food items are provided.

Q :Do you have any extra bed facility? If yes than what will be the charges?

Ans :Yes. Rs.300/- extra bed

Q :Which type of documents do I need for checking-in?

Ans :Any Identity Proof

Q :Can I smoke in the guest house?

Ans :Yes.

Q :Do you provide telephones in the rooms?

Ans :Yes.